Unlock the power of lob.com and Direct Mail  into Journey Builder

Many companies rely on direct mail as one of the main channels to keep customers engaged and informed, due to its undeniable efficacy. But the main challenges are usually volume costs, ease of build and lack of integration with online Marketing Tools.

Devs United’s Lob.com Integration for Journey Builder allows you to utilize the power of the lob.com platform to produce and deliver letters or postcards by leveraging HTML while integrating with your contact attributes in Marketing Cloud without any technical knowledge required.

Our Integration Features:

  • Mapping to existing templates in your Lob.com account
  • Configuration of Letters and Postcards, front and back by using HTML
  • Personalization of messages using Salesforce Marketing Cloud data
  • Verification of mailing address prior to sending to print
  • ‘Test’ mode allows you to test the activity in your workflow without initiating a print job
  • Data Log of all contact records’ send information, including pass/fail results for address verification

Our Services Package Includes:

  • Configuration of the custom activity in Marketing Cloud
  • Documentation on how to use the activity
  • Hosting of activity in Heroku with 99.99% uptime
  • Technical Support

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