Maximizing the investment of Salesforce has a direct relationship with the ability to communicate with other platforms such as third-party ERP systems, SMS tools and external APIs, among others.

Our innovation-oriented thinking and extensive background in application development allowed us to create different types of solutions that integrate directly with the Salesforce platform without compromising the user experience that is necessary to adopt tools and processes across any organization.

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Custom Preference Center

We have developed a flexible framework to build a custom preference center to accommodate multi-business unit and multi-language account structures. Typical timeline: 4-6 weeks.

Journey Builder

Direct Mail Journey Builder Integration

Direct mail is still a very powerful channel, specially if it can be hyper-personalized thanks to this integration and the power of Journey Builder. Typical timeline: 3-4 weeks.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Cloud Integration

Integrate Salesforce Commerce Cloud with Salesforce Marketing Cloud and send shopper's data to activate personalized Journeys. Typical timeline: 3-4 weeks.


Twilio Journey Builder Integration

Create omnichannel Journeys including with our Twilio Journey Builder Activity which will allow you to send personalized SMS messages without ever leaving Marketing Cloud. Typical timeline: 3-4 weeks.

Content Tool

Marketing Cloud Content Tool

Create advanced dynamic content without using AMPScript and schedule it through time thanks to our Content Management solution. Typical timeline: 3-4 weeks.


WhatsApp Journey Builder Integration

Connect with your WhatsApp for business customers directly from Journey Builder thanks to this customized integration. Typical timeline: 3-4 weeks.



Workflow centralizes and automates your campaign management process utilizing the personalization and sending power of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Typical timeline: 4-6 weeks.

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