Streamlined and lean based process that gets things done.

Lean & Collaborative Approach

At Devs United we believe that collaboration and flexibility without losing quality are key for the success of any project.

Below you will find the process that we apply regularly to engage with our clients once the scope of the project has been defined and we are ready to start development. This process is based on Agile methodologies like Scrum and Kanban and the principles of the Lean manufacturing process.

Although this is the approach we will take for projects that we will manage, we are flexible and will adjust to your own team’s process when needed.

Day 1. Iteration Planning

Every two weeks the team will meet and plan the work to be done in the next two weeks. We will take the big laundry list of items that are required to complete the project and prioritize it, adding the items that we can deliver in two weeks.

Day 2 - 7. Iteration starts

Once the iteration has been planned and all items have been properly detailed and estimated, the team will begin working on the functional pieces of your project.

Day 7 - 8. Testing & Bug Fixing

The Dev & QA teams will collaborate to correct any issues encountered during development and make sure everything is ready to go for deployment.

Day 9. Demo Day

If the iteration has items that can be shown by the team, a demo session will be scheduled where the team will show what they've developed and feedback will be added to the Backlog.

Day 10. Deployment

When allowed, we will push the iteration to the live environment and monitor that everything is working correctly. After this step, we will go back to Step 1 where we decide which items are part of the next iteration.

Technology partners that support our process

Attlassian Jira

We use Jira Agile and Confluence as our main channel of documentation and project management for many of our projects.

Jira’s user friendly interface and Agile approach allows us to apply our process easily and provide visibility to our clients about the health of their projects.

Google Drive
Google Drive

We use Google Drive (together with other technologies from Google) to store and share documents that can be crucial for your project such as test cases scripts, design diagrams or project timelines.

Attlassian Bitbucket

Bitbucket is our main source control repository. Our team is very experience with Source Control systems and process and can adapt to other versioning platforms such as SVN or SourceSafe if needed.

Microsoft Azure

Azure is our main hosting partner were we will host your staging and production websites if needed. We are experienced in configuring and scaling Azure Websites  based on your needs.

We can also work with your own environments if requested.

Send us a message to learn more about our processes and tools.