Team Structure

How we do it and why are we so good at it.

Our company is divided into two major teams:

Architecture & Management

This core team of Technical Architects and Project Managers are located in the city of Cleveland, Ohio and their main task is to design, document and manage any technical aspects of your Project.

Technical Delivery

This team is the Offensive Line of Devs United. Located in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, Argentina, their main goal is to focus on technical development; collaborating with our core team to fulfill any requirement of your project.

Advantages to our structure

Based on years of experience in the digital agency world and trying, pivoting and repeating, our structure is proven to have several advantages.


Our Core Team is formed by professionals with years of experience in outsourcing. This means they are experts in communication and setting the right expectations with the Technical Delivery team.

Attention to Detail

Our Core Team’s main focus is to understand and document your needs, so the Delivery Team knows what needs to happen and when.


Since you will mainly deal with Core Team members, you will have a dedicated person working on your project who will manage several members of the Delivery Team.


Because we focus on the technical development piece of your project, we don’t compete with Creative Agencies or Start-ups. Instead, we believe in forming strong partnerships with your team and rock the world together.

Why Argentina?

Argentina is one of the leaders in Technical Development and one of the biggest producers of graduated software engineers in Latin America.

A Survey by Capgemini Reveals Latin America is the Third Most Popular Outsourcing Destination.

Senior executives at Fortune 1000 companies believe:

That Latin America is an emerging market important to U.S. biz. 0

That there are advantages to doing business in Latin America. 0

More reasons to work with resources in Argentina

Competitive rates

Timezone closeness

Great English skills

Excellent Quality of work

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