10 CRM Sessions We’re Excited About at #DF18

It’s that time of the year again! Dreamforce is less than a month away and with over 550 sessions focused on Sales Cloud, we wanted to showcase our top ten for this year’s event. As a Registered Salesforce Consulting Partner, Devs United specializes in the Marketing Cloud platform, we have recently expanded into Consulting and Custom Development for the Sales Cloud Platform.

Our top picks sessions focus on helping new admins as well as helpful tips and tricks to make your CRM experience a positive one:

3 Ways to Streamline your Sales Process – Opportunity Management 101

Level: Beginner

Learn the ins-and-outs of managing your sales process in Salesforce. This session will help crystalize your understanding of Opportunities and show you how to better manage in-progress deals, reliably forecast your sales, and cut down on busy work.

5 Steps to Optimize Your Salesforce Org

Level: Intermediate

Are you facing issues like technical debt, dirty data, or low adoption? Learn clear, practical tips tricks to help you optimize your org — and how to keep it in tip top shape!

15 AppExchange Sales Apps You Haven’t Heard of (But Need to)

Join us to hear about a wide array of innovative apps as fast as possible in this furiously paced session. With 15 of the most mind-blowing 5-star apps that are creating buzz on AppExchange, you’re guaranteed to find a new favorite!

3 Things a Salesforce Admin Needs to Know About Quip

Despite best intentions, Salesforce Administrators can often find themselves at odds with their users. In today’s world employees want software that works for them – it’s intuitive, it’s connected to the tools they use everyday, and it makes their jobs easier. Learn 3 tips to how adding Quip to Salesforce will wow your teams and make your job, and relationship with your users better.

Configure Lightning Pages That Work for Your Users

Level: Intermediate

Of all the ways to customize your org to drive user adoption and productivity in Lightning Experience, where should you focus your energy? In this session, we’ll share best practices for configuring Record Home Pages. You’ll leave with tips and tricks to help your users make the transition from Classic to Lightning and maximize the productivity benefits that Lightning Experience can offer.

Destroying Duplicates in Lightning

Level: Beginner

Want to take back control from the scourge of duplicate data in your org? Join us to learn how Salesforce Duplicate Management can help your organization maintain clean and accurate data. We’ll demo new features available in Lightning, preview our duplicate management roadmap, and share how our customers are using Salesforce to identify, manage, and destroy duplicates.

Advanced Reporting Tips & Tricks for New Admins

Level: Advanced

As a new admin, you may struggle to create reports for your team. Many beginner admins spend hours trying to develop reports that should only take minutes to finish. This session will show you real examples of advanced reporting features that will make your job easier and provide greater value to your users.

An Admin’s Guide to Better Reports & Dashboards

Level: Beginner

When your executive asks you, “What should I report on?” you’ll have the answers ready once you’ve attended this session. Learn how to create the right dashboards and reports the first time and unlock hero status! You will learn a simple process to help guide your users to find the data they need in the manner they need it.

You Need a Trigger for That: Know When Not to Use a Declarative Automation

Level: Beginner

Process Builder and Visual Flow have opened a new world of automation without requiring a single line of code – but that doesn’t always mean they are the right solution!  In this session, you will learn which questions to consider when designing an automation and how to know when a trigger is a more scalable or reliable approach.  We will demonstrate a few sample triggers that can succeed in bulk, where process builder or flow fails, and provide you with a decision tree for evaluating the best automation approach for your use cases. 

They Want It All: Designing for the Millennial Mindset

Level: Beginner

Many legacy and luxury brands are waiting for Millennials to “grow up” and open their wallets to the goods that previous generations are loyal to. While Millennials have delayed traditional milestones, their fundamental mindsets, motivations, and aspirations are radically different and are shaping the generations before and after them. In this session, we’ll explore some of the underlying tensions that drive the social and spending behavior of Millennials, and build on them with implications for how to design brands and experiences that resonate with Millennials.

Bonus Track: The State of Salesforce: Insights on How the Best Companies use Salesforce

Level: Intermediate

Learn about emerging technologies, key investment needs, and how to maximize the value from your investment while you continuously reinvent your business around employee and customer value.

Meet Us at #DF18

We’ll be attending Dreamforce 2018 from September 25th through September 28th! Let us know if you are attending, we’d love to meet up and discuss your Salesforce needs, plans, and answer any questions you may have! Contact us

Guillermo Akerman
Guillermo Akerman