5 Top Takeaways from Dreamforce 2023

Dreamforce 23 might be over, but the knowledge and memories live on. This year, the event was groundbreaking, centered entirely on AI and data, with Salesforce leading the AI revolution.  


It unveiled Einstein 1, a cloud-based platform powered by next-gen AI, and every Salesforce app received an AI boost. It also partnered with big companies like AWS, Google Cloud, BigQuery, and Snowflake to make your company data AI-ready. As Marc Benioff, Chair and CEO of Salesforce, said, Every company will undergo an AI transformation to increase productivity, drive efficiency, and deliver incredible customer and employee experiences. No wonder this year’s Dreamforce was named the big AI technology event.  


The keynotes, sessions, workshops, and demos primarily revolved around AI. Even our MVP and founder, Pato Sapir, showcased gen AI tools for Salesforce (you can catch up with his session here).


Whether you missed the event or crave a quick recap, you’ve come to the right place. We were on the ground, witnessing it all and gathering all the essential highlights. From groundbreaking innovations to key announcements and product updates, our coverage includes upgraded capabilities to turbocharge your business strategy and equip your team with the right tools for success. So read on as we guide you through the top takeaways, ensuring you don’t miss a beat. Here are the highlights:  

1. Unveiling Einstein: Preparing your business for the AI revolution 


2. Meet the next gen of Salesforce AI: Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio 



Salesforce introduces the new evolution in AI technology, Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio, designed to enhance Salesforce users’ daily workflows, boost efficiency, and elevate customer engagement. These cutting-edge tools mark a new era in AI, redefining how businesses interact with their data and customers. 



Einstein Copilot: 


A generative AI-powered conversational trusted assistant is seamlessly integrated into every Salesforce application. This out-of-the-box tool enhances productivity by assisting users in their daily work, enabling them to ask natural language queries and delivering reliable answers sourced from secure company data in Salesforce Data Cloud. Beyond Salesforce applications, Copilot extends to consumer platforms, enriching website interactions with real-time chat or integrating with messaging apps like Slack, WhatsApp and SMS. 



Einstein Copilot Studio: 


For customization, businesses can use Einstein Copilot Studio. Designed for admins, it facilitates the creation of tailored AI assistants. Admins can craft unique prompts, skills, and AI models tailored to specific sales, service, marketing and commerce needs.


The Studio includes a Prompt Builder, aligning with communication styles and purchase histories, a Skills Builder for custom AI-driven actions, and a Model Builder, empowering businesses to select their preferred AI models (BYOM). 


Both Einstein Copilot and Einstein Copilot Studio operate within the secure Einstein Trust Layer, ensuring high-quality AI responses grounded in customer data while upholding strict data privacy and security standards.  



3. Salesforce and AWS enhance data integration for AI advancements



Salesforce and Amazon Web Services (AWS) have strengthened their partnership, introducing new Bring Your Own Lake (BYOL) and Bring Your Own Large Language Model (BYO LLM) integrations. These innovations enable the secure sharing of unified customer data from Salesforce Data Cloud with various AWS data and AI services, including Amazon Redshift and Amazon data lakes, without data movement.


This expanded partnership allows organizations to consolidate their data, improving data management, scalability, and cost efficiency. Companies can use their own models from AWS and Data Cloud to enhance their AI applications, providing more intelligent and personalized customer experiences. These integrations will enter pilot testing with customers next year. 



Salesforce offers a complementary package: two Tableau creator licenses and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles in Enterprise or Unlimited editions. This initiative enables businesses to explore Data Cloud’s capabilities, unifying customer data across various sources and channels within Salesforce applications. 


During the news release, it was also highlighted the impressive capabilities of Data Cloud, which processes 30 trillion monthly transactions and harmonizes 100 billion daily records. Integrated into Salesforce’s Sales, Service, Marketing, and Commerce platforms and boosted by the next-gen AI and partnerships like AWS, BigQuery, and Snowflake, Data Cloud has become an essential platform for scalable data management. 


This announcement aligns perfectly with the recent launch of the Data Cloud Consultant Certification, providing an excellent opportunity to explore and acquire new skills. Don’t miss out on this chance – start your Data Cloud journey today! Explore more details here and activate Data Cloud in your account through this link.


Need assistance activating your account? Contact us, we are Data Cloud experts. 





We hope our blog post was helpful. Whether you’ve kept up with the latest Salesforce news or recap what you witnessed at Dreamforce 2023, staying current with technology is crucial for overcoming business challenges and driving growth. Thanks for your time. Stay tuned! We consistently share valuable content to assist you on your Salesforce journey.  


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Pamela Fontecilla