Custom Preference Center in SFMC: Making Subscription Management Easier

Close your eyes and imagine you’re a customer. An average online shopper. Picture what your inbox looks like. There are some e-receipts, promo codes, discounts, and new items that may interest you, and a lot of emails that you don’t have any interest in. Messy, right?  

Quite often, we forget that a big part of having a good send reputation is not only about metrics, clicks, and opens, but it is also about helping our customers have control over what they like to learn about and hear from us, providing a more personalized experience and preventing them from receiving information they don’t really care about.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud provides a built-in, out-of-the-box preference center that can help ease that pain, letting your subscribers choose exactly the types of communications they are interested in. But what happens when you want to go the extra mile and provide an even more personalized experience? What happens when you want to have a clearer view of how your subscribers behave? What about having a centralized center that can handle multiple brands with different looks? 

Let me introduce you to custom preference centers and seven reasons they can make your subscribers happier and your campaigns more effective: 

1. “Look and Feel” Control

A Custom Preference Center lets you decide exactly how it looks logos, colors, font type, and font size, you name it. You can even replicate the look and feel of your website or communications to provide a seamless experience to your subscribers. 

2. More Flexibility in Reporting and Data Capture

You decide exactly what data is useful to you and how to capture it. Do you want to understand which communication caused an unsubscribe? How many unsubscribes or resubscriptions do you have on a particular day? You got it. 

3. Multi-language Support

Do you have customers all over the globe who want to manage their subscriptions in their own language? A custom preference center lets you support multiple languages in the same CloudPage. 

4. Multi-brand Support

A custom preference center can help you if you have multiple brands in your account and want to handle everything in the same place, taking advantage of the different possibilities it gives you. Either by showing all brands on the same page or just loading the preferences for a specific brand, you can make sure your subscribers can keep their preferences and relevant information up to date. 


5. Let your Subscribers decide What Email Address is the Best one to contact them


Let’s imagine you have a single subscriber for a whole family. Some of them might be interested in one of your products, some of them might be interested in another. A custom preference center can let your subscribers decide where they want your communications sent to.  


6. Centralize all Channel Subscriptions in a Single place


We’ve all been there, we wanted to let someone know that we love their emails, but we prefer not to receive SMS alerts, so we had to visit four different places to do so. Well, you can forget about that mess a custom preference center can let your subscribers choose which communications are interesting for them and how they prefer to receive them  


7. CRM Real-Time Updates:


All the above, and much more, can be directly connected to a Sales Cloud or Service Cloud custom object (or existing objects) to have your subscriber information updated, which will help you segment your audience more accurately.   







Building custom preference centers is crucial for brands to meet audience interests and preferences, retain users, and avoid churn. Default options provided by email platforms often offer limited choices, such as a generic opt-in or opt-out option, leading users to unsubscribe from all communications instead of receiving specific content.  

By offering personalized preference centers, brands empower users to customize their communication experience in terms of content, frequency, and preferred channels. This level of personalization not only enhances user satisfaction and delivers a better experience but also fosters stronger engagement, builds lasting relationships, and keeps users in the loop of your communications. 

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Matias De Meco