Devs United Integrates Direct Mail with Your Marketing Cloud Journeys!

How Does Devs United Integrate Journey Builder with Direct Mail?

We’ve developed a custom activity that allows marketers to extend the existing functionality of their customer journey workflows to incorporate direct mail send activities using’s API. The activity allows flexible message configuration and is available to drag onto the canvas to incorporate into your workflows as needed:

Fig 1.1 Engagement split on bounce activity will send bounced contacts to the direct mail path. Additional split occurs on Lob activity, pending mailing address verification.

Our Integration Features:

  • Mapping to existing templates in your account
  • Configuration of Letters and Postcards, front and back
  • Personalization of messages using Salesforce Marketing Cloud data
  • Verification of mailing address prior to sending to print
  • ‘Test’ mode allows you to test the activity in your workflow without initiating a print job
  • Data Log of all contact records’ send information, including pass/fail results for address verification

Our Services Package Includes:

  • Configuration of the custom activity in Marketing Cloud
  • Documentation on how to use the activity
  • Hosting of activity in Heroku with 99.99% uptime
  • Technical Support

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About Journey Builder
Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s Journey Builder solution allows marketers to deliver seamless, personalized customer journeys across channels, devices, and business functions.

From Email to SMS, advertising and push notifications, Journey Builder helps you deliver 1-1 automated communications that guide customers down the right path based on their current or predicted behavior.

Lob makes it possible for enterprises to programmatically send physical mail at scale. For more information about’s Print & Mail offerings, visit their website.