Domain Verification: Why should you keep an eye on this

Domain Verification: Why should you keep an eye on this

A new Email Studio functionality has been launched in January’s Salesforce Marketing Cloud release called Domain Verification and it goes like this:

Domain Verification is new functionality for accounts to verify sending domains or From addresses before sending in the Marketing Cloud. Domain Verification is enabled for new Marketing Cloud accounts. Existing customers can request to have the feature enabled now before it is required in a future release later this year. Domain Verification provides account administrators the ability to ensure that only verified sending domains and addresses are used. Authenticated Domains, such as Sender Authentication Package (SAP) domains and additional account Private Domains, are automatically verified. For optimal deliverability practice, we recommend that users send with these domains. However, a verification step has been added to all existing locations, such as Account Settings, My Users, and Sender Profiles, where users enter From and Reply Email Addresses to send email to verify other addresses.

The domain verification process limits unverified addresses in From Address dropdowns, and it restricts unverified addresses from send flows.

Why this is important


Many Salesforce Marketing Cloud accounts take advantage of the Ability to have a Dynamic Sender Profile (From Name and Email Address) so they can customize the information of the sender.


Although it is good practice to use From Email Addresses that come from the same domain that is authenticated, I have seen Marketers use different domains in their Sender Profiles.


With this new feature, you will have to keep in mind that there will be an authentication step when you try to send emails with a domain that is not authenticated, similar to what Amazon SES does today. So keep this in mind as you enable your new account or for the near future when this functionality is required.


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Pato Sapir

Pato Sapir is a certified Salesforce Professional with more than 10 years of experience designing, implementing and extending solutions for the Salesforce platform.