Four Reasons Why Attending CNX23 Is Worth It

The upcoming Salesforce Connections 2023 (CNX23) conference is just around the corner, scheduled for June 7-8, 2023. If you are still deciding whether or not to attend, then you came to the right place. We suggest you keep reading this article. However, having attended multiple Salesforce events over the past decade, we can assure you it is a worthwhile investment you will not regret. 

Attending a Salesforce event offers numerous advantages, such as learning from peers, expanding knowledge, growing your network, getting updated on the latest trends and innovations, and gaining inspiration for the future to stand out from your competition.  

CNX has become the must-attend tech event for marketers and users, with a focus on Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud. Every year, Salesforce unveilsnew productsand announcements during this annual event. This time will not be an exception, and this new edition promises to be an epic event with many surprises and remarkable lifetime experiences you will not forget.  

Here are four compelling reasons why CNX is worth attending and why you should attend at least once in your life. (Warning: Once you attend one, you’ll be hooked and want to come back every year, just like us.?) 

1. Unmatched Networking Opportunities 

At CNX23, you’ll have the chance to connect with like-minded professionals from a variety of industries. You’ll be able to make valuable connections with talented experts, partners, potential clients, or employees who can help you expand your business. 

2. Get Inspired and Learn 

With hundreds of sessions packed in two days, Connections guarantees a valuable learning experience. You’ll have access to thought-provoking keynotes and inspiring breakout sessions hosted by industry-leading experts and savvy speakers who will help you expand your knowledge and learn new skills to grow your career or achieve your business goals. 

3. Witness the Latest Technology 

CNX23 is the perfect place to get updated on the latest industry trends and witness firsthand the Salesforce innovations that are aimed to boost your efficiency, wow your customers, improve your ROI, and speed up your digital transformation. 

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4. Time to Have Fun Too! 

CNX23 isn’t just about learning and networking. There’s also time for fun and relaxation. After-parties take place in the evening and provide a casual atmosphere to catch up with teammates, friends, clients, partners, and the Trailblazer community. Hosted by Salesforce, partners, or sponsors, these after-parties are the perfect excuse to unwind after a busy day. And don’t miss the main concert on the first evening (announcement coming soon!) where you can rock out with other attendees.  


Salesforce has declared Connections ‘23 as “the can’t-miss event for growing customer love.” This must-attend tech event is perfect for marketers who want to expand their business and connect with their customers in a whole new way. It offers a valuable experience that includes learning, inspiration, and connections, all while having a good time. 

Whether you’re a brand marketer or a developer at a digital agency running campaigns with Salesforce technologies, attending this event is a worthwhile investment you won’t regret. It’s an opportunity to supercharge your marketing strategy and skill up your team with knowledge and the best technology out there. 

And if you need help to convince your boss or company to let you attend, then Salesforce has created a sample email to assist you. You can check it out here. Additionally, if you register before May 10, then you will receive an early bird discount. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! 

We look forward to seeing you at CNX23! 

PS: If you are attending Connections this year in Chicago, Illinois, then get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help your business thrive by unleashing the power of Salesforce. ☁ 

Pamela Fontecilla