Salesforce Connection 2023 Highlights

On June 7-8, I attended the Connection Salesforce event for marketing and commerce professionals. Focusing on how to create meaningful customer moments, this event is attended by over 10,000 industry leaders with over 250 engaging sessions. 


This year’s Salesforce Connections event was all about building powerful, lasting customer connections with meaningful interactions — or as they like to call it, creating customer magic. 


AI + Data + CRM = Customer Magic






It is the first GPT-powered marketing platform built on the world’s most trusted CRM. 

Salesforce is reimaging Marketing Cloud with generative AI capabilities that will transform the way we interact with our marketing systems, and allow us to: 


  • Fuel creativity with data-driven answers. You will be able to use their trusted customer data to inform things like campaign strategy, audiences, and content. 
  • Unlock efficiency with GPT-enabled campaigns, saving you countless hours on every step of the campaign lifecycle, and
  • Redefine the limits of personalization at scale with the combination of GPT content creation and predictive AI recommendations. 


During the keynote at Connection 2023, I saw a demo of Einstein GPT-autogenerated text replies. It looks impressive. 


  • Segment Creation will pilot this July! This will help you build Data Cloud segments fast with GPT-powered filter recommendations based on trusted customer data. 






  • Email Content Creation will be piloted this October and allow you to ask Einstein GPT to create personalized email subject lines and body copy variants to choose from or improve upon. 





  • Image Creation Create and access contextual visual assets for multi-channel campaigns powered by generative AI with Marketing GPT and Typeface.






Every company needs to transform now to go from manual – to generative.  Similar to the age of computing, I think that AI is here to help us realize our full potential. The most valuable asset is time, and technology like GPT can help us to be more efficient. 




2. Whatsapp 





Connect with customers directly through WhatsApp to send rich promotional messages based on a customer’s unique interests and needs. Salesforce offers an enriched end-to-end experience that facilitates easy and scalable business processes. 

The sessions “WhatsApp, Salesforce and the Next Era of Customer Engagement” showed examples of how Salesforce and WhatsApp partner to help us become more successful through business messaging at scale. One of these examples was: 

“Lauren, receives a message on a preferred channel- Whatsapp– with a promotional message, because the message is relevant and timely Lauren is engaged.  

She loves the idea of getting new hiking boots, especially at a discount, and especially because she is going on a vacation in a few days to Colorado.  

But are these shoes going to arrive in time? So, Lauren clicks on the “Learn More” button, and she is greeted by NDO’s friendly bot Nitro.  

Nitro welcomes Lauren by name and gives her a few common options. Nitro was able to use Customer 360 and all the data in Salesforce gets Lauren’s location and information from her unified profile and gives us some order shipping options. The shoes are going to arrive in time”.



If you liked the Artificial Intelligence content and want to be updated, I recommend these Modules: 
Einstein GPT: Quick Look you’ll be able to: describe the core capabilities of generative AI and how Einstein GPT stands out from other generative AI. You will learn about GPT and how it fits into the larger concept of generative AI.  

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Cloud Understanding why artificial intelligence makes sense as part of a robust marketing strategy is key to remaining relevant in today’s business world. You’ll be able to: explain how AI helps organizations meet customer expectations and escribe how algorithms work for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. 


Marketing GPT Reaching new levels of creativity will now be easier as trusted customer data informs things like campaign strategy, audiences, and content. With this module, you’ll be able to: describe the core tenets of Salesforce Marketing GPT and understand Marketing GPT opportunities and use cases. 

What’s coming soon? 

Dreamforce 2023, is an annual conference that aims to bring the Salesforce community together to share and learn and it will take place September 12-14. I want to invite you to this session:


AI for Admins and Developers, you will be able to learn how you can take advantage of generative AI to elevate and accelerate your everyday tasks with Salesforce, from the hand of Pato Sapir, Partner and Solutions Consultant, Devs United a Marcus Thomas company and Amanda Turner, Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architect, Slalom who will show real live examples and demos.  


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading this article the same way I’ve enjoyed writing this!    


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Anadir De Sousa