Salesforce World Tour NYC Highlights: What to Expect When You are Expecting… to go to Connections

On May 4, I attended the NYC edition of the Salesforce World Tour, which hosted 15,000 people and 260 sessions, making it the biggest Salesforce live event to date.  

This World Tour is probably the last Salesforce event right before Salesforce Connections in June in Chicago, the No. 1 event for Salesforce Marketers. 

I believe that several of the announcements made at this Salesforce World Tour will be part of the Connections keynote; although, it would not be rare for Salesforce to save some of the biggest announcements for CNX23 or Dreamforce.  

So, if you are wondering what to expect when you are expecting to attend Connections this year my hope is that you can get a glimpse of this event with the highlights from the Salesforce World Tour NYC. I will pair each highlight with the sessions at Connections that I think you should attend for each topic covered. 

Einstein GPT is taking over Salesforce.

With ChatGPT getting 100 million users in only two months, we can all agree that generative AI is here to stay. But as powerful as this tool is, it also raises very real concerns

Salesforce’s take on this issue is Einstein GPT, Salesforce’s own generative AI platform that utilizes trusted customer data, calling it “the most trusted AI for the enterprise.” 

For the past several years, Salesforce has carried the premise of orchestrating all the clouds together to form the vision of Customer 360. This vision is now applied to Einstein GPT as we can see it applied in Data, Sales, Service, and Marketing Cloud.  

While a lot of this functionality is still in beta or in early access for certain customers, it looks impressive. 

During the keynote at the Salesforce World Tour, I saw a demo of AI-generated cloud pages, AI-generated APEX Code, Einstein GPT-autogenerated text replies, and the next best actions for Sales and Service. 

Einstein GPT powers landing page creation. Source: Salesforce +.
Einstein GPT Service Cloud’s generated replies and next best actions. Source: Salesforce +.

Recommended sessions at Connections related to Einstein GPT: 

  • Generative AI for Marketing 
  • Einstein GPT: Meet the World’s First Generative AI for CRM 
  • Future-Proof Your Business: Social Commerce and Einstein GPT 

Slack GPT is here to transform the way we work, forever. 

In addition to the launch last week of canvas, the new quip-like platform for team collaboration, Slack’s CEO, Lidiane Jones, announced a series of impressive integrations that incorporate generative AI into the platform: 

  • Next best action recommendations in channels based on conversation content 
  • Workflow Builder integrated directly into Slack and utilizing generative AI to build workflows 
  • Autogenerated canvases based on channel conversations  
  • Note taking and autogenerated summaries during huddles 
Slack GPT autogenerated Canvas. Source: Salesforce +.

Recommended sessions at Connections related to Slack GPT: 

  • Discover 3 Ways Slack Is Changing the Way Marketers Work 
  • Learn Why Customers Choose Slack vs. Alternatives 

Salesforce Data Cloud is connecting all the dots. 

Salesforce Data Cloud is the fastest growing organic product in the history of Salesforce. The product has continued to add updates regularly to allow customers to ingest data from multiple sources, unify and model this data, and activate segments across multiple channels.  

I think the most important announcement made during the Salesforce World Tour’s keynote was the integration between Tableau and Data Cloud that enables real-time access to the data that’s sitting in Data Cloud natively in Tableau.  

The keynote featured a great demo on how the Formula One team utilizes Tableau to uncover insights about its customers and tap into Sales and Service Cloud to create real-time relevant experiences.  

Additionally, the demo featured data actions integrated with Salesforce Flow to send streaming events and insights to Salesforce Flow to drive great orchestration power. 

Real-time Salesforce Data Cloud/Tableau integration. Source: Salesforce +.

Recommended sessions at Connections related to Salesforce Data Cloud: 

  • Supercharge Experiences with Data Cloud’s New AI Innovations 
  • Use Data Cloud to Personalize Digital Experiences 
  • Create a Data Strategy that Maximizes Customer Outcomes 
  • Start Personalizing Now: 10 Use Cases that Drive Engagement 
  • Marketers Keynote: Grow Relationships with AI + Data + CRM 


After attending the Salesforce World Tour in NYC, I think it’s safe to say that both AI and Data Cloud will take center stage during Connections. But since these two days are all about marketing, one might expect other important announcements around Salesforce Marketing Cloud.  

I hope this article helped you get a glimpse of what to expect in June and gave you some guidance on which sessions to attend from the hundreds that are available at the moment. As the CNX23 site gets updated with times and locations for each session, I’ll update this article.  

Contact us if you want to catch up with our team while you visit Chicago and get our take on these topics and more!  

Pato Sapir

Pato Sapir is a certified Salesforce Professional with more than 10 years of experience designing, implementing and extending solutions for the Salesforce platform.