5 Pardot Sessions at #DF19 We’re Excited About

We finally made it to November, which means we are just a few weeks away from Dreamforce in San Francisco! This also means we need to talk…

If you haven’t already, it is time to fill up your agenda with insightful sessions over Dreamforce’s glorious four-day span. 

YOU (maybe): “But Matt, I don’t know where to begin… (insert sad face emoji)” 

I know, I know. Look friend, hear me out.

There are hundreds of incredible sessions available to you, so I get it; it can get a little overwhelming. For Pardot alone, we are talking about 35 different sessions to choose from! As much as I’d like to greedily steer you to as many of these as possible, I don’t want to deny you from the excellent non-Pardot material that awaits you, too.  So here are our top five sessions to consider spending your time with: 

5 Sessions We Recommend

#1  The Future of Pardot Admin Experience: Controlling Marketing Data Access

As Pardot features deepen their integration with Salesforce, so must Pardot administration. Join members of the Pardot Product team as they deep dive into the future of access controls for users and marketing data. Learn how Salesforce admins will be able to grant their users access to Pardot and control which records they’ll be able to see.

Why we recommend it: Umm, because the FUTURE??? (picture your favorite childhood memory of what intergalactic world future inhabitants would exist in. Or any episode of The Jetsons.)  In all seriousness, if you ever had to take a Pardot certification exam, you’ve probably come to appreciate the importance of admin controls between Pardot and Salesforce. Learn about what awaits us in the latest Winter release…and beyond.

#2  Pardot Health Check: How to Get the Most Out of Your B2B Marketing Investment (SESSION 1 IS ON WEDNESDAY AND SESSION 2 IS ON THURSDAY)

Is your Pardot account in good health? Join us for this hands-on session to optimize your investment and maximize your use of Pardot. Pinpoint problems in your technical configurations, improve account efficiency, and boost feature adoption.

Why we recommend it: So, I cheated. I promised you five gems and you’re getting SIX session recommendations. I told you I was greedy. In the history of software purchases, ‘getting the most out of your investment’ should be the mission statement and annual goal for Pardot admins, marketing champions, or anyone that has ever asked the question, “How did we do?” The more you can make platform adoption easier and more efficient, the easier that last question gets.

#3  Pardot’s Product Roadmap: The Future of B2B Marketing and Beyond (ANOTHER TWO-PARTER OF SESSIONS!)

Join us as Pardot’s Product Team dives into our exciting product roadmap for 2020 and beyond. We will discuss all of the latest product enhancements made available in our winter release, as well as where the future of marketing automation is headed. You will learn more about the latest Pardot innovations and will receive in-depth demonstrations of 2019’s top product enhancements.

Why we recommend it: Okay, so I might have a thing for the future. Aaaand, I might be bad at math. My apologies on both fronts. Aside from that, it’s the fourth quarter of 2019 and 2020 budget planning is either in full swing or might require some adjustments once you see what is on the horizon. If you cannot attend the first session recommended, try to attend at least one of these sessions.

#4  5 Strategies for a Successful Global Deployment of Pardot

Change is never easy in a large, global organization, so migrating marketing automation systems can sound like a pretty daunting project. The good news is that this process has been mastered and large organizations are making the switch and quickly finding success. Joni us to learn 5 critical success strategies from a Trailblazer in B2B marketing at Sodexo who was able to migrate to Pardot in under 90 days. You’ll also hear from the partner that enabled their seamless transition. Attendees will walk away with best practices around asset migration, creating use cases for multiple stakeholders, training across time zones and leveraging a Pardot maturity model to align stakeholder expectations.

Why we recommend it: There is a classic adventure novel, movie and at least one movie remake of Around the World in 80 Days that has collectively captivated generations since the late 1800s. Global Pardot deployment in under 90 days immediately captivated my attention upon reading the session description. Having experienced global implementation, adoption and training first-hand, I think it’s worth a listen.    

#5  CriticalRiver & Hi-Tech Corp. Implement Pardot in 6 weeks w/ Results of $90MM+ROI

Marketing of renowned Semiconductor manufacturer, to demonstrate how they retired a legacy marketing platform of 15 years, deployed Pardot marketing platform in record 6 weeks that fully automated processes, eliminated redundancies, increased stakeholders’ engagement and drove growth.

Why we recommend it: If you thought global Pardot deployment in under 90 days gets me excited, you better believe that Pardot deployments in half that time would bring a smile to my face. Whether you attend one or both of the deployment-related recommendations, the important thing to understand in these speaker’s personal experiences is to compare, identify recurring themes and processes, and ask yourself if this could translate to your business. The more momentum you can create out of the gate from configuring and automating processes for your users, the quicker you will create Pardot champions that will be equipped to drive results.


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Matt Cole
Matt Cole