A Taste of 2023 Salesforce Connections – Five Sessions We’re Excited About

We are fast approaching June, which means it is time to start wrapping your head around preparations for another awesome Salesforce Connections conference! Whether it is your first time attending or you make the trek regularly, Connections has built a reputation as an awesome time in the equally awesome city of Chicago, Illinois.  I could dedicate a few thousand words to the food scene alone, but our focus today is centered around the sessions!   

So, how do you choose? I’d like to recommend a taste of what these sessions have to offer based on past experiences and topical conversations my colleagues and clients have recently discussed. 


5 Sessions We Recommend

#1  Connections Main Keynote: Trailblazers Build Customer Companies 

Why we recommend it: So, this opinion might immediately cancel my credibility because I’m starting with such an obvious session to attend, but hear me out. I’m sure the speaker will be great, but the main keynote session is the one session that is designed for everything BUT the content. The first session of the first day is designed to reaffirm so many things:  

      • You are able to reaffirm what the Salesforce community that you are a part of looks like and how HUGE it is. If you are not one who easily identifies with being a part of something bigger than yourself, then this session tends to bring that reality to the forefront.   
      • You can FEEL the energy in one big room. Everyone is still fresh, excited, and eager to see what awaits them, whether they are a first-time attendee or a perennial champion. Breathe it all in! 
      • As you are preparing to enter the space, sitting tight for the session to begin, or waiting your turn to exit the room upon completion, this pause is a great time to look ahead and double-check your agenda. You have a full day ahead of you no matter how you shake it, so take this time to do a little meditation, get a little organized, take a deep breath, and turn the room’s energy into personal adrenaline.   

#2  Five Elements for Speed to Value and Long-Term Success 

Why we recommend it: For all the conference veterans out there, you already know this routine. There is a roulette game we play when combing through the sessions to figure out which ones will have some substance to them and which ones might lean on the fluffy side. There is such a wide spectrum of skill level and department roles that flock to these sessions, and let’s face it, a lot of these session titles tend to be ambiguous. One thing I like to look at within the session is the role category and who the speakers recommend in their list. For this session, it is supposed to appeal to IT, operations and product management professionals.

Ironically, my job role doesn’t fall into any of these categories, but I have had the good fortune of working with these departments in my day-to-day life. Metaphorically speaking, these departments need some meat on the bone when it comes to the sessions they want to attend. Plus, it was highlighted in the early sneak peek sessions, and EVERY human on this planet likes to feel good about whatever big investment they make. Did I build a house on a swamp or am I on solid ground? Is my car going to make it to 200,000 miles? Whenever I can get affirmation on my investment and, more importantly, get advice on making it scale and stay efficient many years later, I will happily attend and wear my newfound knowledge like a weighted blanket.   


#3  Future-Proof Your Business with These Six Trends in 2023 

Why we recommend it: “Hey, there is my boss over there! And my client, and my Salesforce account rep, and my I think 2023 is hitting differently in several ways. Maybe several of us are seeing purchase decisions or big marketing swings take just a little bit longer than usual, or at a minimum, you probably read about how wonky 2023 was anticipated to be going into the year and now your short-term planning and long-term planning are a little out of whack. Whichever way you are feeling it, I can see a lot of folks gravitating to this session.  


#4  How to Prepare for the Holidays and Run at Peak Performance 

Why we recommend it: As I mentioned in my second session recommendation, pay attention to the roles these sessions are targeting. This one is meant for consultants, administrators, and IT folks who plan to be deep in the weeds this upcoming holiday season. Here is a pro tip from old Uncle Matt: (clears throat) Getting your Salesforce solution running at peak performance does NOT need to be limited to Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Thank you for your time and expect to receive my invoice in the mail. 


#5  Einstein GPT: Service Just Got a Whole Lot Smarter 

Why we recommend it: I will admit that artificial intelligence has been a carrot that’s been dangling in front of us for many years now. I started chasing this carrot six years ago with mixed results, but I’m actually feeling like true industry innovations are among us in an impactful way. So, cast that AI lure for me one more time!



Explore the current sessions and let us know which ones interest you the most!  

PS: If you’ll be there, then get in touch with our team to discuss how we can help your business thrive by unleashing the power of Salesforce ☁