#CNX19: 10 Sessions Our Experts Recommend

Connections is Salesforce’s yearly Digital Marketing user conference – this year, held in Chicago, June 17th-19th. That’s three whole days of learning about marketing, commerce and service, gaining insight from industry experts, networking, and being a part of the Salesforce community!

As a Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, Devs United specializes in the Marketing Cloud platform and innovative integration between Marketing Cloud features and other products. We will be attending Connections 2019 as sponsors, and to enjoy the vast amount of experiences it has to offer – we hope to see you there!

10 Sessions We Recommend

This year Connections has over 450 sessions to choose from. Filling your schedule to make the most out of your time can become overwhelming! To help, we asked our experts for their recommendations and here’s a list of 10 sessions that caught their attention!

  1. Do More with Less: How Small Teams Prioritize and Get Things Done – B2C Commerce Join an interactive discussion with other small business retailers, and gain insight and ideas. As a small business ourselves, this definitely sparks our interest!
  2. How to Build a Content Marketing Powerhouse with Artificial Intelligence Learn about strategy and tips for successful content marketing, and adding personalized messaging using Salesforce AI Einstein insights and recommendations.
  3. Best Practices for Email Marketing A Salesforce expert will walk you through a detailed session that will help you grow your email program from the ground up. Get recommendations on strategy, design, good-to-know tips & tricks, and more!
  4. Personalizing Customer Experience at Every Touchpoint using AI Time to get personal! Learn how you can utilize AI to make compelling customer experiences that feel like they were created with the individual in mind.
  5. Bayer: Innovating the Science of Smarter Marketing with Datorama Join a leading trailblazer industry to hear about their journey to embracing cross-platform marketing intelligence to optimize their campaign performances, and their real results!
  6. The Journey to Yale Message: Implementing Marketing Cloud at Yale University This session will cover Yale’s enterprise rollout of Marketing Cloud, including the tools and processes they utilize on the Salesforce platform as well as their ongoing support model.
  7. Artificial Intelligence and the Social Marketer As a social marketer, you can leverage image intelligence and automation to scale your business. Learn how to use Einstein to take some of the heavy-lifting off your marketing team!
  8. A Match Made in Heaven: Salesforce + Google for Digital Marketers & Advertisers Learn the benefits of integrating Salesforce Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud with Google Marketing Platform. Learn how to use cross-channel insights to gain a more detailed view on your customer to better personalize and optimize your marketing efforts.
  9. Workshop: Build Customer Journeys with Journey Builder Don’t forget your laptop! Follow this hands on, expert-led session to create a short Welcome Series from beginning to end.
  10. Turn Your Data Into 1-to-1 Email Experiences with Content Builder Join an interactive discussion to gain insight into Content Builder’s templates and reusable Content Blocks. Learn how to increase effectiveness of your marketing efforts by using data-driven strategies to personalize your email content.

Attending to Connections 2019?

Connections offers WAY more amazing content than we have time to list here. Agenda Builder is live – build your schedule today!

Julia Timmerman
Julia Timmerman