Get Social: Use Social Studio with Devs United!

Social Media has become a vital modern marketing tool for every company. Social media is a core component of any successful online marketing strategy today – it doesn’t matter if you are a small, medium or large company, you need to create a social media presence to grow your business. 

There is a way to achieve this marketing strategy with some extra help. With Social Studio by Salesforce, it’s easy to get “Social”!

Social Studio comes equipped with all the features that you and your Marketing team needs to work with all your social accounts in one place. You can publish your content, and monitor the response to your post. Engage with customers, followers, or people that mention your brand. Finally, you can analyze your post performance, and make a fancy report – all in this streamlined tool!

I know that this sounds impossible, but it’s true, and I want to show you how it works. 

You have different tools to select from when determining which one best represents your needs, and several add-ons to power your work. One example is  Automate is a rules-based, web-based software engine designed to process and sort social media content. With custom conditions and selectable actions, you can process, augment, sort, and direct incoming social media content for follow-up.  Another is Command Center, which gives you live details about what is happening on social media. Use Command Center on large displays to monitor and display high-level social performance information.

So, now you know some basic information about Social Studio and add-ons, but we’re just getting started! Devs United can help you to make a connection with Sales/Service cloud and empower Social Studio, connecting your whole Marketing team with your Sales and Service teams. 

Social Studio works parallel to Marketing Cloud, allowing you to have Social Studio only, or Sales Cloud and Social Studio connected to get the best out of both clouds! 

I’m not sure if I already have your attention here. To make sure, here is a list with some examples! 

Why do you need social accounts to grow your business?

  • Your Customers Need Social Media to Market for You: Your content should be shareable, so that your customers can send as a recommendation for their friends, family, followers. This can be in any format, Instagram stories, Youtube videos, LinkedIn post… any content could work!  Allow them to spread the word about your business with valuable content. 
  • Increases Your Visibility: You may think other brands make big investments in advertising. Well… let me tell you that advertising can be relatively less expensive if you can organically (for free!) grow your account and reach a lot of people with a solid social media strategy. With Social Studio helping your team, you only need the idea, and we can help you to achieve it.  
  • Strengthens Your Voice: If you have something to say, let’s use Social media to spread your message. 
  • To Measure Your Success: Devs United can help you understand the metrics that the Salesforce platform gives you, not only on Social Studio but with Sales Cloud reports. Both can offer many insights into your business and your audience.
  • Real-Time Tool: This is your real-time reputation – you can monitor what people are saying about your brand with Social Studio, with the integrated social listening and reporting tools that the platform provides. You can also make a proactive strategy starting from social listening results. 
  • Creates a Dialogue with Your Audience: Engaging with your audience is an important part of all of this. You have a lot of “Followers” (people who are interested in your brand or your brand represents their interests), so you can take advantage of the  sentiment model that Social Studio has to maintain those who are happy with your brand, and change any negative audiences into happy customers by identifying them and reaching out to their needs!

I hope this creates a starting point for you! If you’re interested in hearing more about how Social Studio can better connect you to your audience, Contact us to schedule a demo!

Camila Juana Delfante
Camila Juana Delfante